What a clusterf*ck !

I needed to get online for bank-related reasons Tuesday morning but the internet was out so we call our provider (CenturyLink) and they tell me the problem should get fixed by 1:30 pm that day. 1:30 comes and we get the call saying the problem’s fixed, all we might have to do is reset the modem (I think that’s what the automated voice said). I go in, unplug for 15 seconds, plug back in and… the internet is not working. I have to call again and the automated message says we have a problem again with the internet and the problem will get fixed by 4:30 pm ! I find a way to talk to an actual human being and it turns out we’re not the only ones having a problem but even though I’d been told 4:30 just a few minutes ago, she says it’ll probably be 5:00 when it gets fixed ! I just wanted to hit my head against a wall. Obviously I have the internet back but it felt like way more work and stress than it should’ve been !

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