About us

Hey everybody ! We’re Karen and Lisa, mother and daughter. We’re two home cooks who love the world of food ! We do cook everything that we post, and the pictures are the ones that we take ourselves. We don’t use filters on any of the pictures. They’re au naturel !

Life is stressful and fixing recipes or reading about the world of food puts us in a happy place. It’s our sweet n’ savory therapy ! It’s so nice to get in the kitchen and make something yummy while listening to some good music.

A lot of the recipes that we post are ones that we found rather than created ourselves. We like sharing the recipes in the hopes that they will bring you as much joy as they did for us. Like two friends sharing a recipe. It’s nice to know that good food can make a day better for someone. When a recipe fails in a big way, we will share that with you so you can have a good laugh with us and learn from our mistakes.

We hope that visiting our website brightens your day. Take care everybody !