Ancient Aliens

It’s a show on History Channel and while it is interesting to see what they talk about on each episode, some episodes are actually pretty good for drinking ! Like this episode “Secrets of the Mummies”, with the drinking words we’ve chosen, we can get a good buzz going ! Who says education can’t be fun ? 🙂

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote Ancient Aliens or History Channel.

Have a great Sunday y’all !

Have a great weekend !

The weekend’s here and I hope y’all will have an awesome time. For myself, mommy and me will be enjoying a batch of (not my) Grandma’s Enchiladas (we won’t accidentally throw out the sauce that’s needed further on in the recipe this time), drinking and watching DVRs and The Walking Dead !

Take care y’all !

(I wasn’t paid in any form to promote The Walking Dead.)

Catching up on TWD

Mommy and me are trying to fit in time to catch up on the series, we’re only on season 2, episode 2 but eventually we’ll catch up on the show, free up some time on the DVR as well once we get to last season. Do any of you watch The Walking Dead?

(I wasn’t paid in any form to talk about the show).

Take care y’all !

Back home from the appointment

I’m done with the dentist appointment. Because of getting that back tooth removed, I’m not supposed to have soda until Thursday (there goes my original plan for dealing with the pain) and they want me to have soft foods like mashed potatoes, ice cream, pudding, etc. I asked if I could have chicken noodle soup if the chicken and the noodles were soft enough and she said that I could as long as I didn’t slurp, the soup was room temp or actually on the colder side, and I did any chewing on the opposite side of my mouth. I don’t think I’ll have to worry about eating the soup too quickly seeing as I can only open my mouth a fraction of what I usually can before pain starts to kick in. My teeth look so much better now that I got those fillings. Before, I was worried that if I got a call about a job interview, that they wouldn’t hire me because of how my teeth look. Now I’m not nearly as worried about that !

Hopefully my mouth will feel a lot better tomorrow *crossing fingers*.

Take care y’all !


No, not the drink lol. Mommy and me have been trying to sort through recipes so it can be easier to find what we need no matter what the dish may be and a lot of the recipes fall into a “multi-category” section. The only way to know how to save on time long-term is by copying the extra recipes down so there can be a copy of every recipe in its own categories. While I could type up those recipes a lot faster, mommy and me are both “old-fashioned” and prefer to copy them down with pen and paper. Not nearly as fast but at least we won’t have to worry about electronics getting wet or batteries dying ! I’ll be excited when all the copying is done though !