Update on doughnuts

Well I did get the doughnuts made and they do taste good but something went wrong with the shape of them. I used the recommended size but once the doughnuts hit the hot oil, one side stayed the classic shape you’re used to seeing and the other side… did not. The other side had almost like a muffin-top look to it. I’ll try this recipe again and hopefully they’ll come out looking more normal.

Take care y’all !

What a clusterf*ck !

I needed to get online for bank-related reasons Tuesday morning but the internet was out so we call our provider (CenturyLink) and they tell me the problem should get fixed by 1:30 pm that day. 1:30 comes and we get the call saying the problem’s fixed, all we might have to do is reset the modem (I think that’s what the automated voice said). I go in, unplug for 15 seconds, plug back in and… the internet is not working. I have to call again and the automated message says we have a problem again with the internet and the problem will get fixed by 4:30 pm ! I find a way to talk to an actual human being and it turns out we’re not the only ones having a problem but even though I’d been told 4:30 just a few minutes ago, she says it’ll probably be 5:00 when it gets fixed ! I just wanted to hit my head against a wall. Obviously I have the internet back but it felt like way more work and stress than it should’ve been !

Have a great weekend !

The weekend’s here and I hope y’all will have an awesome time. For myself, mommy and me will be enjoying a batch of (not my) Grandma’s Enchiladas (we won’t accidentally throw out the sauce that’s needed further on in the recipe this time), drinking and watching DVRs and The Walking Dead !

Take care y’all !

(I wasn’t paid in any form to promote The Walking Dead.)

Back home from the appointment

I’m done with the dentist appointment. Because of getting that back tooth removed, I’m not supposed to have soda until Thursday (there goes my original plan for dealing with the pain) and they want me to have soft foods like mashed potatoes, ice cream, pudding, etc. I asked if I could have chicken noodle soup if the chicken and the noodles were soft enough and she said that I could as long as I didn’t slurp, the soup was room temp or actually on the colder side, and I did any chewing on the opposite side of my mouth. I don’t think I’ll have to worry about eating the soup too quickly seeing as I can only open my mouth a fraction of what I usually can before pain starts to kick in. My teeth look so much better now that I got those fillings. Before, I was worried that if I got a call about a job interview, that they wouldn’t hire me because of how my teeth look. Now I’m not nearly as worried about that !

Hopefully my mouth will feel a lot better tomorrow *crossing fingers*.

Take care y’all !