My back

I don’t know what caused it but my lower back hurts so much when I’m on my feet. I’m on couch rest until my back gets better. I hate leaving the cooking to mommy but she’d rather do the cooking than see me in pain. The sooner my back gets back to normal the better !


Hey everybody, this is Lisa. Mommy’s decided not to be involved with the blog. She has so much to deal with and stepping away from the blog makes things a little bit easier for her.

I’ve been trying to figure out what direction I want to take this blog in with it just being me now. I’ve decided that any new recipes posted are only going to be ones that I find delicious . There will be days that the recipes I make don’t turn out to be worth posting. On those days, I’ll still be posting, just won’t be a recipe.

To the current 117 followers, thanks for sticking with me despite going lengths of time without posting.

Hope y’all will enjoy what I have to post in the future. Take care y’all !