I’d give mommy the world if I could.

I can’t begin to describe how much mommy’s done for me in the past and even now. She always tries to support whatever my passion is, she sticks up for me, she’s trying to be healthier so she can be here for me and the pets as long as possible and even when we’re stressed constantly about money, and she still wants me to get back in the kitchen making desserts because she believes life is too short to not be doing the things you love. She’s my best friend. I’m afraid she thinks it’s too late for her to have the dream life she’s always wanted but despite that, she’s trying to help as much as she can to make sure I can have a happy life worth living. I really want to become successful so that I can do as much as possible to make her life happy and relaxed.

Wonky dvr

I have to ask, does anyone have a dvr that could say you were 89% full but after an update will say that you’re now at like 94%? ‘Cause we went a couple of days without an update and got down to 90%. Apparently we finally had an update ’cause I went to the dvr today and it said we jumped up to 99% ! Looks like I’ll be watching recordings all day today just so it doesn’t reach 100%.

My back

I don’t know what caused it but my lower back hurts so much when I’m on my feet. I’m on couch rest until my back gets better. I hate leaving the cooking to mommy but she’d rather do the cooking than see me in pain. The sooner my back gets back to normal the better !


Hey everybody, this is Lisa. Mommy’s decided not to be involved with the blog. She has so much to deal with and stepping away from the blog makes things a little bit easier for her.

I’ve been trying to figure out what direction I want to take this blog in with it just being me now. I’ve decided that any new recipes posted are only going to be ones that I find delicious . There will be days that the recipes I make don’t turn out to be worth posting. On those days, I’ll still be posting, just won’t be a recipe.

To the current 117 followers, thanks for sticking with me despite going lengths of time without posting.

Hope y’all will enjoy what I have to post in the future. Take care y’all !