Fried Sweets

I’m watching this fried themed episode of “Man’s Greatest Food” and so far they’ve showed a funnel cake topped with fried strawberries and fried candy, fried hand pies, and fried doughnuts. If someone were to ask me what my favorite fried dessert was, I don’t know if I could choose ! Do any of you have a favorite fried sweet treat?

(I wasn’t paid in any form to promote “Man’s Greatest Food”.)

Take care everybody !

Looking to expand skills

I always want to improve my knowledge and skills so when I was walking through Wal-Mart with mommy and saw these Activity Kits from Tasty & Wilson, I really wanted them ! Mommy was sweet & supportive enough to buy them for me. I haven’t opened the boxes up yet but they look like they should help me learn to make candy, and how to work with royal icing, fondant, buttercream frosting, and I even grabbed their Succulent Garden Cookie Kit just so that I could start to learn how to sculpt plants.

I know money’s getting tighter for us so for mommy to spend that money on those kits, just helps motivate me that much more to get better and better at this blog and just making food in general !

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote Tasty or Wilson.

Take care everybody !

Happy Halloween !

Hope everybody’s having a great time. I stayed home with mommy and watched Halloween/horror movies, read a horror story, and passed out candy to trick or treaters. I think we had 4 or so different groups come and sadly that was more than last year ! It was so cute though when this little girl showed up dressed as a Ghostbuster. She looked so happy about wearing the costume and she was so polite ! She did cough in her hand though before grabbing candy with the same hand. I couldn’t help but have the movie Contagion run through my mind when that happened !

Stay safe tonight, take care everybody !

(I wasn’t paid in any form to promote Ghostbusters or Contagion.)

I’d give mommy the world if I could.

I can’t begin to describe how much mommy’s done for me in the past and even now. She always tries to support whatever my passion is, she sticks up for me, she’s trying to be healthier so she can be here for me and the pets as long as possible and even when we’re stressed constantly about money, and she still wants me to get back in the kitchen making desserts because she believes life is too short to not be doing the things you love. She’s my best friend. I’m afraid she thinks it’s too late for her to have the dream life she’s always wanted but despite that, she’s trying to help as much as she can to make sure I can have a happy life worth living. I really want to become successful so that I can do as much as possible to make her life happy and relaxed.

Deliver Us from Evil

Mommy and me love watching this movie. We had to watch this during October. Should you choose to watch the movie yourself, the only tip I’ll give you is be prepared to possibly jump ! There are some moments where the sound effects are a lot louder than the rest of the movie along with a few scenes all on their own that just made us jump.

Take care y’all !

(I wasn’t paid in any form to promote this movie, I’m just a fan of the movie and the actors in it.)