Fried Chicken, Take 2

Well we tried making fried chicken again and it turned out just as good as the first time ! We’re proud of ourselves though. We didn’t let failure keep us from trying again and even when the first few pieces of chicken came out bad yesterday, we didn’t say “screw it, let’s just throw the rest of the chicken away and call it a day”. Instead, we tried to adjust and make it better. You just can’t let failures stop you from reaching your goal. Oh and eventually, we will be making some damn good fried chicken !

First Ever Fried Chicken

We tried making fried chicken for the first time yesterday and they didn’t turn out quite like we expected. We think you can figure out which is the first and then the second batch:


We followed the recipe exactly for the first batch and after seeing how that turned out, we decided to go rogue and make some of our own adjustments. We learned a lot just between those 2 batches. The most important lesson was to trust our instincts more when something didn’t seem quite right to us. The second batch was edible but we didn’t think it tasted good enough to post and we don’t want to post anything we’re not excited about eating. We’re not letting this stop us from trying to make fried chicken in the future though ! In fact, we’re making fried chicken again today (this time with a different recipe) !

Take care everybody !

We were deceived !

We fixed a recipe called “Shortcut Vegetable Lasagna” for dinner tonight because it sounded like it’d be good but when we made it, it turned out looking like lasagna soup:


When they asked for 1 ½ cups of water to be added to the jar of Alfredo pasta sauce, perhaps we should’ve realized that was too much liquid. We have the zucchini lasagna recipe that kind of used the same method to cook the lasagna noodles but it turns out so much better ! Apparently this company fished out the best looking piece of lasagna for the picture. It looked good enough for us to want to try it. We just wish they’d been honest about how much liquid would be in the casserole dish, especially coming from a well known food-based company that also publishes recipes.

Hope you enjoy life !