No, not the drink lol. Mommy and me have been trying to sort through recipes so it can be easier to find what we need no matter what the dish may be and a lot of the recipes fall into a “multi-category” section. The only way to know how to save on time long-term is by copying the extra recipes down so there can be a copy of every recipe in its own categories. While I could type up those recipes a lot faster, mommy and me are both “old-fashioned” and prefer to copy them down with pen and paper. Not nearly as fast but at least we won’t have to worry about electronics getting wet or batteries dying ! I’ll be excited when all the copying is done though !

Too Much Stress

Life is too stressful right now thanks to my dad and only making/eating vegan food just isn’t putting us in a happy place like cooking used to so we’re going back to fixing whatever sounds good to us. There will still be vegan recipes just maybe not as many. We still plan on posting recipes we make whether we like how they taste or not because some people may actually find those recipes more appealing than we did plus we just love sharing recipes with others. We hope you’ll stick around to see everything that we have to post !

Take care everybody !

Changing Our Eating

Hey everybody, hope your day’s been going well. As you may or  may not have guessed based off some of our recent recipes, we’ve decided to switch to plant-based eating. My (Lisa) dad has an increasing amount of health problems and it scares mommy to think of us developing the same problems. We’ve told my dad we’re not consuming anymore animal products and he was not happy about that ! He loves his meat and cheese and so do we but we love our health even more ! So with what all we’ve heard about plant-based diets, we’re hoping to not go down the same route as my dad and maybe decrease some chronic aches and pains that we do have. We don’t hold out much hope of things getting much better for my dad because he’s very much set in his ways. His nose wrinkles up when he hears the two words “vegetarian” or “vegan”. We have tried to fix healthier things for him along with having fruit for him to snack on. We know that he gets himself things to eat outside the house and he barely touches the fruit. We’ve tried and now it’s up to him. We have tried to cook healthier but after seeing so much food go to waste, we went back to fixing him the foods he likes. Mommy and I have to look out for our own health and it’s up to my dad to make his own decisions concerning his health. We’re going to post everything we make whether it’s delicious or not to us for two reasons, 1.) something we don’t like could sound scrumptious to you and 2.), some people hear “plant-based food” and all they think of are salads. We want to prove there’s way more than just salads to eat should you choose to switch to plant-based eating yourself.

Take care everybody !