I screwed up

Mommy’s been trying to eat more vegetarian dishes lately to help her lose weight and save on money. I thought last night’s meal was the one she was referring to being bland and was okay with throwing most of away. Turns out she was actually referring to a different dish ! So I threw away a lot of food she actually enjoyed. I feel so stupid ’cause even though she told me to keep a certain amount, I thought about keeping more and we’d just throw away what was leftover once we needed the space. She’s trying to act like it’s okay but I know she’s upset and I don’t blame her. Today has not been a good day for her so far and I just hope that something gets better for her. I applied for a job yesterday and it’d be really awesome if I could get a call back saying they’d like to interview me today ! Bringing more money into the house would really help out especially since the V.A. decided to cut about 250 bucks from my father’s check.

I don’t even know what I’d buy first with my paycheck. Do I try to help out with everyday things like pet food and groceries or do I try to save up the money so I can buy my mom a pair of glasses or finally buy a new mattress, etc. There’s just so many things I could use the money for so I’m really hoping I get hired on. Going a long time without a job just makes you value getting hired that much more and makes you that much more motivated to not screw up and do something that would make you lose a job.

Take care y’all !